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Larry Vanden Berge

Professional Biography
I am life long learner. I graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Science. Next, I completed a Master or Arts in Teaching degree at Western New Mexico University. Currently, I am studying at California State University, Fullerton pursuing a Master of Science degree in Biology. I am ecstatic about teaching. I started teaching in Gallup, NM in . In , I started teaching at Ontario Christian High School.

Philosophical Biography
I am blessed to be an educator. I teach students how to worship by helping students discover and develop their gifts and talents. I teach students how to serve by showing students how to use their gifts and talents for the redemption of creation. I teach students how to live in community by celebrating the diversity of the students’ gifts and talents.

Personal Biography
I enjoy hiking, surfing, traveling, biking, running, gardening, photography, reading, learning.

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