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New Gymnasium Inching Closer to Reality

by Dr. Ken Bootsma, interim superintendent

Many exciting things have happened recently at OC:

a totally remodeled kitchen on the K-8 campus; new water-cooled, bottle-filler, drinking fountains at the high school (others will arrive soon at the other campus, thanks to the Jog-A-Thon); the old home on Philadelphia has been demolished; a 2014 Suburban is available for transporting smaller athletic teams; the HS teachers’ lounge has a beautiful new look; the preschool has new fencing and sidewalk, and beautiful banners are being flown on both campuses, highlighting our students and their testimonies.

In addition, a newly-formed committee has been asked to review preliminary documents that highlight the strong possibility of six new tennis courts to be constructed in the dirt area near the intersection of Philadelphia and Cypress, at the east end of the campus.

One of the most exciting developments is this: we hope to see a new gymnasium under construction within the next two years. The location, design and floor plan, have been approved by the committee and the Board, with the contract with Formillus Architecture now under review by the Gaudy Law Firm. Our Conditional Use Permit (CUP) has been approved by the City of Ontario; we’ve met with the fire department and Edison; and we’ll soon be moving forward with civic engineering and soil borings.

The plans call for the gym to be located near the athletic fields, south of the science building and chapel. This gym will contain two basketball and three volleyball courts with seating for 1,200. Locker rooms, offices, weight room, etc. will support our soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis and other OC athletic teams.

We will have to spend between $750,000 and $1 million on infrastructure to bury the on-campus power lines, water and sewer service, and develop two new driveways. So, we have our work cut out for us, both in the committee and in our fundraising efforts. Our lead gift of $2.8 million from the Ernie De Groot family will provide a significant jump-start toward a total project goal of $6 million.

Stay Tuned / Pray / Get Involved!